Mondrian Wall

The solution in front of the solution

To find the solution to anything, you need to fully understand the problem. That doesn’t mean a reactive ‘fix’, but sitting back and asking ‘Why are we doing this?’, ‘What’s the ultimate aim?’

Sequential seeks to find better solutions to the problems that hold schools back; the big, tricky problems where paradigm shifts are needed.  We’re software engineers and designers but, over and above this, we’re educationalists.  Practical skills and knowledge combined with passion and vision enable us to develop products that really help schools.

A better solution requires a different perspective

Taking a different perspective, we look for the root causes of the challenges schools face, and build solutions that work right there.  The solution in front of the solution, solving the problem behind the problem.

We change the way things work without having to revolutionise the way they’re done. Because we’re solving the deeper problem our solutions are pedagogical ones, not admin ones.

A desire to make a real difference to every school we work with

We aim to make a difference in the vitally important but often nebulous and complex world of education, and we’re compelled to help schools because we know we can.  Feedback from schools show us that what we’re doing is working: didbook, Progress and the Mondrian Wall are making things better for them on both practical and strategic levels – and that’s great. There’s still more that can be done though.  Our solutions are continually evolving, driven by schools’ needs.

Building relationships as well as products

Without schools using and shaping our products we couldn’t continue to move forwards; after all, they’re the reason we do what we do.  It’s one thing to say we care, but schools that work with us can see that it’s true.  The relationships we build with schools based on trust, respect and a shared vision are important to us and continue to influence our direction, inspiring new development.

Together we can make a difference.

Join us

Does our way of thinking resonate with you?  We’re always interested to hear from like-minded people with skills to offer. If you’d like to work with, or in partnership with us please get in touch.

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